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Seb Steele

Why no one is innovating, and what we can do about it.

[n.b. I wrote this article a few years ago, with the context of trying to help people bring a more innovative approach to their organisations.]

There’s a crisis in the world of innovation. Most people cannot explain what innovation is, let alone how to go about it. Even worse than that, according to Eric Weinstein and Peter Thiel, there is very little innovation in the world at all. The oft-quoted “ever increasing pace of change” is largely an illusion caused by one or two industries, and most other industries have been stagnant for decades.

What is so fascinating about this…

I spend all my free time writing notes so you don’t have to.

All I ever wanted was to be wise.

My parents like to joke that I was “born forty” because, from a young age, I was always more interested in talking (and talking, and talking) to the grown-ups about whatever cool thing I had just learned than I was playing with kids my own age.

Whether it was talking about physics, architecture, or the (useless) cardboard wind tunnel I made; frankly, I just wouldn’t shut up.

It didn’t take much consideration for me to decide to study engineering…

Seb Steele

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